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Boulle execution including palissander veneer and hand-chiseled brass. The red and black veneer is a thin sheet of coloured wood. The 3 chimes movement includes 11 genuine rubies: this longcase grandfather clock is a jewel indeed. Incredible pricing: 16,000 € instead of 21,000 €.
Real contemporary pendulum clock. The founder Mr. Antonio decided to enlarge the clock style selection by including new materials. The son David decided for a mix to put in new homes and beauty farms due to the back waterfall over the white stone. Now, we can offer a perfect mix of modern and tradition to enrich any atmosphere. Only 15.000 €: contact us for this exclusive piece!

Italian grandfather clock: how to choose the right one

Published : 11/08/2017 15:51:58
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Deciding which Italian grandfather clock to buy seems a simple task: you go to a store, you see a nice clock, you buy it and it is made! In reality, things are a bit different. There are so many variables to consider when purchasing. Let's see together what are the main ones.

An Italian Grandfather Clock plays a very important role in the furnishing of your home. It can revolutionize a room completely by filling an empty space in a focal point. It's more than just a device that marks hours, minutes, and seconds. It also shows to your guests what kind of tastes you have and it gives clues about your personality.

How to choose the Italian Grandfather Clock that fits perfectly with your interior design?

The secret of the right choice lies in the clear understanding of your purpose. You should start by asking yourself a simple question: "Why do I need an Italian Grandfather Clock?" If you need it for its direct function (and therefore your purpose is purely utilitarian), you can choose any model that you like based on your availability. On the contrary, if you are planning to make your clock an important accessory of your home decor and your goal is to make the design of a room special and exclusive, you will have to be more cautious in your choice.

Defined the motivation that moves you to the purchase, the second variable to be careful when choosing the right Italian Grandfather Clock for your home or apartment is the availability of free space. In a small room, a column Grandfather Clock will be cumbersome, while it will be appropriate inside a large hall. Carefully evaluate your spaces and proceed accordingly.

Once you've decided on the point (or points) where you can place your new purchase, it's time to indulge yourself in choosing between the different categories of models available, following the style of your furniture or by creating some contrasting combinations.

In modern apartments, the most popular and used clock category is the wall clock. You can find an Italian Pendulum Wall Clock suitable for every interior, thanks to the incredible variety of sizes and styles of the models available.

Table clocks are also widely used in interior design, as well as column and wall clocks. A table clock saves space and does not attract attention as much as a large-scale Grandfather Clock. However, sometimes, the table clock is just what it takes to complete the design of a room.

By summing up, to choose the right Italian Grandfather Clock for your home you must first understand what function you want to assign. Next, you will need to evaluate your free space, what style to follow and what category is best for you.

On our new e-commerce, you can choose from a wide range of models signed Altobel Antonio. There you will definitely be able to find the Italian Grandfather Clock suitable for enriching your home with a unique charm and making it more welcoming and attractive.

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