Contemporary Clock

Modernity, experience, craftsmanship and old family values: these are the main ingredients of our contemporary clocks. These contemporary grandfather clocks are special items you can choose both as protagonists of your furniture and to add something to a wall, a cabinet or a radiator. Our products have already reached various homes and offices all around the world. Above all, they are appreciated for their unique creativity and because they perfectly represent our tradition. In fact, we have been making grandfather clocks with passion and dedication since 1968.

We believe in wood, that we personally select and work. And we believe in brass, which is in all our German mechanical movements (weekly winding). Our grandfather clocks chime each hour and half an hour or 15 minutes. The tunes are Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington. We want our contemporary clocks to give you a sense of intimacy, to tell you about your “home sweet home”. Infact we are not simply presenting clocks, instruments to measure time: an Altobel Antonio contemporary grandfather clock is a real heart. It starts beating in our workshop and keeps on in your house, at your office, among the ones you love.

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You can also come and see us at our workshop in Sanguinetto, Verona, where you can touch all of our creations and see how we work.
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