Our curio cabinet clocks are precious not only because they are unique – as all Altobel Antonio creations – but also because they have crystal shelves from side to side. These curio cabinet clocks can handle both your present and your past time: their showcase can host and protect against dust your little collections, your souvenirs, wedding favours or birth announcements.

They are all mechanical clocks, totally hand made with woods that we select meticulously Our first aim is always quality: that is why we are very careful about every single piece and every detail. And that is also the reason why all of our curio cabinet clocks have Kieninger’s mechanical movements, German leading company since 1912. These clocks need to be wound weekly. The tunes are Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington; they chime every 15 minutes, except for hours 22.00 to 7.15 thanks to an automatic night-off option.

Feel free to navigate through all our curio cabinet clocks in this shop online. Note that every clock is a unique piece of art and different from the others. Also keep in mind that they all are a little piece of our history: there is much more than a clock in each creation by Altobel Antonio.