We take care of watches for passion, and not just of ours. For this reason, contacting us or visiting us at our Sanguinetto workshop will allow you not only to touch our creations with your own hands and to look at our work, but also to entrust your damaged, defective or inaccurate watch and bring it home as new.

Mr Altobel Antonio, after 50 years of experience, still performs todaypersonally all the repairs and adjustments, From the simplest to the most complex ones: by disassembling, cleaning, lubricating and fine-tuning the mechanisms, for example, but also rebuilding broken or deformed pieces starting from new, vintage wheels, pins, bushings and sprockets.

We repair all mechanical movements for wall, column and table clocks. We have profound knowledge of those modern, as with brands Kieninger Sattler and Hermle Polaris Judjing, but also more ancients, such as Burger, Urgos, Jauch, Kaiser, Odobez, Junghans, Jaeckle, Romanet, Gallo or Reguladora. We also deal with the mechanisms of small French craftsmen who, very often, did not sign their creations.

The issues related to the mechanisms often depend on the brining condition of the brass: in this case we could directly intervene on the clock movement. But it also happens frequently that it is watch case to need a restoration. it is necessary that the mobile is in good working order for the mechanism is in a bubble and do not move when you open the door or while it is hanging on the wall: that's why we put at your disposal and your watches also all our experience as woodworkers .

Send us an e-mail with a description of the problem and a photo of your watch and its details: we'll first run a rough estimate and then, upon receipt of the clock or movement to be repaired, a technical estimate indicating the specific interventions or spare parts required. We always guarantee you the utmost care and complete availability, always with the skillful art that only the experience of a master over time as Altobel Antonio can offer you.