We decided to dedicate an entire section of our online shop to these corner clocks: these grandfather mechanical clocks mean a lot to us. In fact it is with them that the great success of the Altobel Antonio brand started in the ‘70es. And it is a pleasure now to share the whole experience we gained since then with you.

Both the old-fashioned models and the modern, these unique pieces of art can make a corner become the most significant part of a room. These corner grandfather clocks can be right furniture for your house or your work place. And they can also be a perfect present for someone important, someone you keep in your heart. The same heart that we put each day in our work, in the wood and in our craftsmanship.

Beside the wood, the brass of Kieninger mechanical movements complete each of our corner clock. They need weekly winding and are equipped with Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington chimes. And they strike on each quarter hour, but they automatically get silent between 10 pm and 7.15 am.  

Together with one of our corner clocks you will buy a beautiful object and a piece of art. But above all this you will have a hand-made masterpiece and a fragment of our life.