It is a great pleasure to introduce some of our best wall clocks. Small, big, with shelfs or cabinets, old-fashioned or modern: all the articles you will find in this section are completely hand-made. We personally choose the best wood from various parts of the world and work; we have been carving and chiselling it with the same care for more than 40 years. Our wall clocks can be the heart of a room or can be put near other pieces of furniture such as cabinets or desks.

German mechanical movements guarantee that you are buying a solid and accurate instrument to measure time. They are equipped with Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington chimes and strike on the hour, the half hour and the quarter. By the way, the clock is only one of the aspects that these great masterpieces combine. As we said, you can buy a work of art like no other; moreover, this object will provide your home or somebody you care for with the typical atmosphere of your favourite places.

Have yourself of give to the people you love an Altobel Antonio creation: a gift full of beauty, tradition, emotions. We will also be happy to welcome you at our workshop in Sanguinetto, Verona.