Terms and conditions of use

Vendor: ALTOBEL ANTONIO DI ALTOBEL DAVID located  in via Pistore 48 37058 Sanguinetto Verona Telephone: +39 0442 81574, info@altobelantonio.com Vat code: 03909440236 and Social Security Number: LTBDVD73M05E512J, REA code: VR375596. Here below it will be simply named: ALTOBEL ANTONIO and we follow the Italian laws about far sales and we respect the rights and due about the sellers and the consumers.

Please take time to read all following details that are part of the contract too. All sales about our clocks by phone or internet from any final consumer and not trading agent they do purchase for business are under these following laws inside our web site: www.altobelantonio.com to be confirmed before the contract settlement. Modifies will be valid after publishing on our site and for the new contracts only.

By ordering our clocks ALTOBEL ANTONIO will comunicate all infos by email and it will be used and recorded for any future use. All orders must be completed and clarely indicating the clock model and the delivery place and the customer person both if private or even if a company. The same for the phone orders and final datas will follow by email to your own email address too. Final report will include the final amount including Italian taxes transport fee and it will be the acceptance for the contract for the phone orders too. ALTOBEL ANTONIO reserve the right to accept the order for the clocks on stock for their prompt delivery and ALTOBEL ANTONIO try to prepare ready the clock models within 60 days for the ones not on stock from the order confirmation. ALTOBEL ANTONIO will not accept orders incomplete or not properly filled up. By ordering you will accpet that ALTOBEL ANTONIO will use your phone number email and all the new calling/contacting systems in order to complete the contract and deliver the clocks.

Before ordering, you need to register yourself by indicating your full datas: name family name address email address phone number vat code or social security number invoicing address if business company and the delivery address too. We do deliver at the street level not upstairs. Please inform us immediately about changings and do not put false or invented datas or datas from third persons. ALTOBEL ANTONIO will punish any abuse and ALTOBEL ANTONIO is not responsable about issuing wrong papers after mistakes on your own data registration. You will receive a password for your own exclusive use! Not to be given to any other person! Advise us about loosing it if it happens or if other person will know it too. We respect the Italian laws about the privacy.


Clock pictures on our web site www.altobelantonio.com are illustrative and not binding. ALTOBEL ANTONIO reserves the right to amend the packing and the execution for each clock. Clocks can not be delivered for trial so you are responsable about them satisfying your own needs. ALTOBEL ANTONIO may send in advance digital pictures about the clock ordered exacly the one you are going to receive in order to confirm you the bounty of the clock.

Clock prices are exacly the ones indicated on our web site while ordering and the same on the order sheet. Prices include the Italian VAT and the SHIPPING CHARGES IN ITALY ARE FOR FREE. ALTOBEL ANTONIO reserves the right to modify the prices and the charges and to publish the new conditions that will be valid for the successive orders only and the right to cancel any order due to any mistake due to the calculation system or pulishing system on the web site. INSTRUCTION BOOKLET showing many languages in order to start up the mechanism is always included and packed inside the carton box of the pendulum mostly. We can send it in advance in pdf. On request we can send a dvd about directions in English language about the clocks most complicate. Before clock delivery we will send you an email about how to easy unpack the clock exacly description about how we did its packing and the few steps to start it up on arrival. Then the rest you will find inside the booklet later. We can call you in Italy after delivery on the start up or even later free of charge. If abroad by whatsapp or similar system on time you need and about between 9am 10pm at Italian time mondays to saturdays and afternoon on sundays.  

ALTOBEL ANTONIO will send you the clock by a shipping company and not directly to the address you had registered and we had confirmed you on the order sheet. The transport company will vary depending on the different Italian zones as most possible directly between us and you and truck driver will try to combine your time and the driving hours too. Delivery will be at the street and not upstairs. If not possible they will bring the clock to a small local warehouse where you can go later and pick it up or if possible a smaller truck driver will come to you on the dayafter on a meeting time and if possible without surcharging. TRANSPORT FEE OUTSIDE ITALY AND INSIDE EU WILL BE ALSO FREE OF CHARGE. Shipment will be made by Jas Spa and/or Fercam Spa both are international forwarders. They will bring you the clock inside a truck grouppage of furniture or similar stuff. Depending on the final address the clock free delivery can be at the street level or to a local warehouse only. Later it will be on your charge to pick up or ask for a small local delivery. Delivery to the local warehouse or biggest cities will be in about 20-30 days. Delivery time around Italy may vary due to the place and to the volume and normally about 20 days about the clocks on stock. If clock is to be produced on demand or not on stock it will take 30 or 60 days to make it ready and then about 20 oe 30 days for delivering but we will prepare the delivery during the productiona and send you the digital pictures about the clock on testrunning custom made! ALTOBEL ANTONIO can not be responsable about delivering retards and missing consegnee and any reason not depending on our control. Shipping charges and timing and shipping company may vary a lot if delivery is not in the main Europen states when it's in the border states or islands. ALTOBEL ANTONIO will immediately inform you about the clock not more available for any reason and give you back the full amount paid. Shipping charges outside EU will never be free of charge. We will bring the clock to the Verona customs warehouse. Wooden case to be quoted separately. Air shipping to be quoted separately. Packing planned for sea or truck grouppage only possibly clock carton will be put over a palette to make easier transhipment. Eu customs clearance and importing taxes must be paid by the consegnee only.  

If you are missing on clock arrival at the delivery place, if due you will pay the local additional charges for the second delivery or for the clock staying in the local shipping warehouse.

On delivery please check the clock and the clock packing. If something not clear mark up on the delivery note. Example: clock carton cut, clock carton missing, clock glass broken sounding…. We need that attention because if missing no any money refound possible for delivery demagings. ALTOBEL ANTONIO will send you some digital pictures about the clock before to pack and about the clock carton before shipment so you will compare it both on delivery moment and the email directions will help you about easy unpacking. Be sure the packing will be much generuous as much as possible for international shipping. It's almost impossible because we will follow your order personally individually and we will send you the pictures about the clock but if anycase the clock is wrong or not the one regular as you had ordered please inform us in 3 or 5 days from delivery. If so we will replace it by a new one as you had ordered free of charge and bring back the old one if you can not really accept it. If you had not marked the delivery troubles at the delivery boy on the delivery note we will not replace it. ALTOBEL ANTONIO will not cover defects for uncorrect stocking after delivery has been made. We respect the EU laws about the warranty and assistance.  

We accpet payments per Credit Cards and per advanced bank transfer.

Promotional offers on our web site are valid untill the stock has been finished and as much as described on the site. We will include a bonus small wall clock battery operated per each order. No any replacing possible for clocks on free of charge.

If you are not satisfy, if you are in Italy, if you are a final consumer person, you may return the clock ordered for any reason but you must send an email or letter about your final decision within 14 days after delivery date. Clock returning will be on your charge and on your risk to ALTOBEL ANTONIO address and date of shipment back will be the proof and better if inside its fantastic original packing. Better to reuse the same shipper we has used to bring you the clock on the next trip in your area. We will inform you in 3 days if we had received it back demaged. If demaged we may return again to you after repairing so refuse the clock returning and so refuse the money refound and by charging the second shipment and or the repairing charges. On its arrival to us the returned clock we will immediately verified about its conditions and evalutate the charges to make it as new one if needed. We may return you the money less the charges to return it as a new one but not due the normal operations you did for evalutating it on its features nature and running/startup. 

No clock returning possible:

1. if you had used the clock

2. if parts are missing (angels. Pendulum, weights, glass, doors, finals…)

3. if demaged parts. Best packing is the original one that is specifici for each clock model and same we send you digitial preview pictures. If so we will return the clock and so not accept it back. NO CLOCK RETURNING POSSIBLE FROM OUTSIDE ITALY/INTERNATIONALLY. We accept to send you clock picutres digitally on preview in order for you to check even better in advance about your purchase and eventually to ask for not go on with the contract. Except for the customized clocks for special finishes or special accessories that are not regular, the customization/individual order or size modifies make the clock returning unacceptable. We will return you the money by bank transfer or in cash if you bring it back personally. 

All contracts made by our web site www.altobelantonio.com are under the Italian law system. Consumer location in Italy or Verona forum if customer is outside Italy.