Table and wall clock

Our table and wall clocks are the smallest products of our collections. If you want to class your place up or if you are looking for a tasteful gift, then you can find it here. Our table clocks are articles of fine production, chiselled by our capable hands. They can adorn windowsills, fireplaces, desks or cabinets. Our wooden wall clocks combine the beauty of a great three-dimensional picture and the usefulness of a clock, a cupboard a cabinet.

We still follow the values we chose for our workshop when we started, in 1968. Classic and contemporary elements melt in these mechanical clocks. Some of them have the pendulum, others have the Swiss escapement wheel; all of them have the best German mechanical movements, so they all are accurate and solid. They need to be wound once a week. Each clock chimes hours and 30 minutes. Thanks to their tunes, wooden details and our refined skills, these objects are much more than clocks. They are pieces of art that can speak for the person who made and owns them. They can also be the soul of your house, of your special occasions and of your memories. That is exactly what you will find choosing Altobel Antonio.

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If you want to see them for yourself, then you can come and visit us at our workshop in Sanguinetto (Verona).
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