The Antonio Altobel Clock Company is the producer of Pendulum Style and Contemporary Clocks.  We have been Italian artisan clockmakers since 1968 and have been exporting our clocks worldwide since 1969. Our home/factory is located in the small town of Sanguinetto in the province of Verona, which is world famous because of the traditional Summer Opera Festival held in its 2000 year old Roman Arena and as the setting of Shakespeare's, "Romeo and Juliet".

We specialize in hand woodcarving, fine poli-chrome wood inlaying, shiny high gloss polyester finish as well as fine Venetian handmade lacquer finish. Our clock cabinets are created by traditional woodworking processes using very simple woodworking machinery in the initial stages. Every clock is then processed by hand tools only, from wood selection, construction, sanding, finishing, assembling, movement installation, testing, packing, through the final shipping. In 1984 we introduced a number of new materials: aluminium, colored crystals, carbonium fibre, marble and granite powder, and pounded paper to our traditional ones: wood, glass, steel and wrought iron. Since that time we have continuously attempted to develop new combinations for adapting our clocks to current life styles and trends.

Also in advance of the next European safety requirements, many of our clocks are already equipped with safe beveled glass which is tempered or break-proof. Since 1989 we have been pro-active in protecting the environment by maximizing recyclingand purchasing raw materials from certified suppliers that demonistrate similar goals by the European Union and American Natural Board in order to ensure availability of these precious resources for generations to come. We maintain a complete inventory of all our clock styles for immediate shipment, so we can execute your order continuously. We also can match the finish color of our clocks to complement your family furniture, just by sending us a small sample of your existing furniture color. We are a very reliable family company.  That is why we are able to offer the best prices for superior quality and  the widest range of Old Style and Contemporary Designed European Clocks.

Our grandfather clocks use only the finest brass accessories and superior German clock movements by The Kieninger Company - series: HTU, KSU, RWS, J and RU. They have been producing clock movements since 1912. These movements have the automatic night shut-off feature that turns off the chimes from 10 PM until 7:15 AM and 2 side levers for chime selection. You also may turn the hands of our clocks counter-clockwise without damaging their mechanisms.

Our clock movements are previously prepared as an extractable set with dial and hands included. Worldwide, our customers may request a prepared replacement set free of charge for their own easy self replacing (just by unscrewing 2 gray bottom screws). This set will be available even after the total 2 year guarantee period has expired. Also we grant 10 year availability for spare parts of both: movements and many clock cases.

Most of our clocks have a quarterly Westminster chime on bright brass plated gongs or polished bells, while some others have a triple chime: Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington or upon special request Beethoven's -Ode to Joy,  Schubert's -Ave Maria and Mozart's -Magic Flute. Movements feature precious jewels, maintaining power, winding stops, highly polished movement plates, and are self adjusting, self regulating and self oiling. Most of them include: exact second indicator, large moon phase dial/face, metal pendulum, 11 ruby jewel Swiss escapement, beveled and leaded glasses and mirrors, 24kt gold plate, and an internal light with both 220v and 110v for worldwide use. Nearly all of the metal in the case is polished solid brass or steel.

We build all of our clock cabinets so that their top/front portion is easy removable as pictured on items SZR.33 and SLR.38. Therefore our clock cabinets can be finished on the inside as well as the outside and customers may verify our excellent quality before purchasing. We pack each clock in a double cardboard box with an interior foam support to keep it from moving. Another wooden box can be requested for air shipment.

Each clock comes with its own warranty booklet, including movement instructions in German, Italian, French, Slovak, English, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek and Spanish. We have our very first clock, which is now 35 years old, in our own village museum and it is still working perfectly without any servicing. Since our establishment, our company has supplied clocks to major politicians, government houses, movie/tv sets and places of worship throughout Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. We produce clocks that will become family heirlooms of the future, enduring from one generation to the next. We look forward to a mutual long lasting partnership and we welcome a visit from you at our home/factory at anytime.