Most of our clocks have the "Westminster" melody installed that runs every 15 minutes. However, we have also special clocks which includes 3 different melodies. Below you can find a preview of our melodies ready to download and listen. Just click on the melody name and you will start listening it:


“Ave Maria Schubert’s”



“Il flauto magico”


Comes from Papageno's "Der Vogelfaenger bin ich ja" part of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera "Zauberfloete" 1756-1791.


“Inno alla Gioia


Derives from the 9th symphony in Ludwig van Beethoven's 1779-1827. The basic lyrics "An die Freude" was written by Friedrich Schiller in 1785.




Comes from the sound of the bells of the Church of St. Mary the Bow in Cheapside, London and Lord Dick Whittington born in 1358 was four times the leader of the time indication.


“San Michele”


Comes from the sound of the bells of St. Michael's Church in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The original bells were built in England in 1764 but were moved several times and then destroyed during the American Civil War in 1862. Now in the church there are copies reposted by the same British molds in 1967.




This famous melody was written by Gorge Friederic Handel 1685-1759. It is played by the Big-Ben, the Victorian Clock Tower in the English Parliament, but was first played by the Bells of St. Mary the Great Church Cambridge. 

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