Grandfather Clock

We proudly introduce our wide selection of grandfather clocks. They are mechanical pendulum clocks, suitable to be located wherever you may like: as a single piece of furniture inside a big conference room or in a salon, but also as a beautiful jewel in a small entrance or living room. Available in different design and colors, they can match any home or style.

Our longcase grandfather clocks are totally hand-made. We use small machinery and the finest woods we select personally from different world areas. That is one of the reasons why Altobel Antonio is well known and appreciated all over the world representing Made in Italy.

We have been choosing the finest German Kieninger mechanical movements, weekly winding, since 1968. Chiming is delicate and at each 15 minutes: Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington, Beethoven and Schubert are our melodies. Our grandfather clocks include an automatic night off option 10 pm to 7.15 am. They will last for many generations, because they are pieces of art: we put all of our passion and our own heart in our craftsmanship. No matter if you choose a small or big one: once in your home, our grandfather clock will not only measure time, but also set the right mood.

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