Our refined table clocks can be like jewels on an elegant lady: they can make your desk, your fireplace or any kind of shelf shine bright. These wooden table clocks are unique, no two are exactly the same because they are entirely hand made. As we are talking about clock this could sound a little peculiar, but their class and beauty is timeless. That is the reason why you can see them perfectly matching both an old-fashion and a modern furniture.

We made two different choices for these table clocks: some of them have a pendulum, some others have a Swiss escapement wheel. We made this in order to combine shape, aesthetics and mechanics at best.  Both options guarantee the maximum accuracy even after decades. Mechanical movements are German, brass made, and need weekly winding. Chimes strike on the half hour and on the hour and is very graceful.

At our workshop in Sanguinetto - near Verona (Italy) - you will be able to see both the models you can find here, on our e-shop, and all the rest of our production. Come and visit us or contact us for any question or curiosity: sharing our experience with you is the culmination of everything we do with passion.