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Boulle execution including palissander veneer and hand-chiseled brass. The red and black veneer is a thin sheet of coloured wood. The 3 chimes movement includes 11 genuine rubies: this longcase grandfather clock is a jewel indeed. Incredible pricing: 16,000 € instead of 21,000 €.
Real contemporary pendulum clock. The founder Mr. Antonio decided to enlarge the clock style selection by including new materials. The son David decided for a mix to put in new homes and beauty farms due to the back waterfall over the white stone. Now, we can offer a perfect mix of modern and tradition to enrich any atmosphere. Only 15.000 €: contact us for this exclusive piece!

Handmade wooden clocks are perfect in a baroque enviroment

Published : 09/27/2017 16:54:07
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Do you already know all the features that identify Baroque style? Perfect to complete the decor of a room are the handmade wooden grandfather clocks.


Baroque style refers to a particular period between the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century. It is a style originated in Italy around 1600 and has become popular all over Europe (and not only).

Furniture belonging to the Baroque era can be identified for their particularly luxurious style and rich in ornaments. The intricate, elaborate and exaggerated decorations are typical and often include flowers, leaves and cherubim.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London shows what are the 5 main features of this style:

  • Leaf motifs. Baroque style used a large amount of vegetation in its ornaments, including leaves and flower garlands.
  • Inlay. Wooden pieces of different colors are connected to the surface of the furniture through this craft technique.
  • Putti. This is an Italian word. Another type of recurring decoration is the cherubim.
  • Crests and initials. Monograms used for decorative purposes are common in Baroque style, as are heraldic ridges.
  • Wainscots. As we have already said, the Baroque era is famous for its luxurious style. This also extends to fabrics. The most popular and used ornaments are the wainscots.

One of the main features of the Baroque style is the curvature of the furniture legs. The pieces, entirely handmade, come mainly from Italy. Wood is always the main component of these furniture, manufacturers mainly use oak, walnut, chestnut and ebony. While most ornaments are made of rosewood, sandalwood, tulip and other exotic woods.

The French were the main users of the Baroque style. The reign of Louis XIV marked the end of the Renaissance and the growth of this particularly influential style, often considered the most splendid of French stylistic periods. Andre Charles Boulle was the builder of King Louis XIV and was one of the greatest artists in the field of ebony wood inlay with turtle shell, brass and other metals. He created the magnificent pieces in the Palace of Versailles that we came to know as belonging to the baroque age of Louis XIV.

So, what about your home?

Choose the Baroque style to decorate your house and impress your guests. Choose furniture with the features described above and complete it with a distinctive handmade wooden grandfather clock. Here are some of the models proposed by Altobel:

orologio a pendolo SZR90


Inspired by the exemplar present at the Palace of Versailles.

Enriched with 11 rubies in the mechanism.

The details are chiseled, finished and then gilded one by one.


Grandfather clock made of solid walnut wood in Baroque Venetian style.

Harmonized by an ivory lacquer with gold leaf details.


Pendulum clock made of solid French lime wood.

Fully carved by hand.


Inspired by the exemplar present at the Palace of Versailles.

There is the emblem of the Sun King. Enriched with 11 rubies in the mechanism.

Pezzo unico.

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